Friday, April 12, 2013


I feel like my room is a bit of a ZOO!  Literally, we have bullfrog tadpoles, mealworms, and three Dwarf Frogs (on loan).  The kids are eating it up though and they love to observe all of our "babies".  That is what they have been calling the tadpoles and mealworms :).

My kids really LOVE using popplet.  They created some frog projects and since we are also studying South Africa, some of them have asked if we can start new popplets this next week to show off our research.  We are still working on saving and adding a picture though.  This is hard for most of my kids y'all!  We also created a popplet on Needs and Wants for our Social Studies unit of study.

I also have a Third Grade tutoring group that meets on Thursday afternoons.  We have read a few nonfiction books on insects and one class has crickets in their room.  The kids decided they wanted to make their own popplet on insect facts that we read.  Here are a few of them :).  They are pros at adding the picture, although some of the boys wanted to add pictures of people covered in insects.  They were fascinated by that for some reason.

Here is a short video tutorial to show you how you can introduce and use popplet in your classroom.  The students really do LOVE creating project presentations using popplet.

*NOTE - The third graders are still working on their popplets in tutorials, so they are not done yet :).

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