Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tools Inventory

My first graders enjoy using several different tools.  We are constantly using our activboard, net-books, and IPods.  I love having a techy classroom and students that even teach me new things.

We love using the activboard as a small group station.  Since I just recently returned from maternity leave, I'm teaching them to record their work and then use it as a tutorial for other students.  We haven't gotten very far with this but I know it will be helpful once we've had more practice with it. 

On the net-books, we use, Odyssey, Pebble-Go, and Brain Pop Jr.  The kids are able to use both Pebble-Go and Brain Pop Jr. to research new topics and revisit old topics of study.  Last week they found on Pebble-Go where it talked about Chinese new year which follows with our study of Asia.

On the IPods, the kids love to record themselves reading and then listen back to themselves to practice their fluency and voice.  They also record themselves for others to listen to in the listening station.  It's fun to see their growth in reading.  They also have several apps that they love.  I recently started using Socrative.  It allows me to add quizzes or single questions and the kids can respond instantly.  I have used it in my guided reading group and the kids respond to comprehension type questions.

This year unfortunately I have a very different class and have been unable to use Edmodo as much as I have in the past.  I have been working with the kids to respond appropriately and it has taken longer then I have expected.  Last year, I used Edmodo a lot and our class connected with another teacher's class.  The students created reading groups and they discussed books in a book club type setting.  I hope to get to that point with my current class in the next month.

There are also some tools that I would LOVE to use but don't have the right technology to implement them.  I know that my firsties would love to use QR codes but the IPods that I currently have in my classroom do not have attached cameras.  I would love to implement sight word and math fact hunts using QR codes.  My students have been studying Japan as part of our international study and it would be neat to have them create QR codes that show off their research.

I love how technology is changing the way we teach each year.